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Packaging and Pallet Lumber

Radiata Pine lumber obtained from the central portion of logs, is used in the construction of pallets, boxes and packaging material. Products can be green or kiln-dried, and can be cut in several sizes according to customer’s needs. The rough finish prevents loads from sliding and premature wear in the pieces of the pallet that come in contact with the forklift.

For availability in your area, call 800-261-4890 and follow the prompts for Import Sales.


  • • Radiata Pine lumber has a long lifespan and can be recycled.
  • • Can be cut to length or in multiples
  • • Moisture content: Green (average 40%) or kiln-dried (average 12%, max. 19%)
  • • Blue stain levels are restricted
  • • Pith and Knots are permitted, if they do not compromise the integrity of the piece
  • • Pencil wane accepted occasionally
  • • The best combination of strength and lightness
  • • Easier for nailing and cutting than other softwood species.
  • • Less splits and cracks in the final product
  • • Uniform and precise cuts
  • • Lightweight and flexible



  • Deck boards, Stringer & Blocks: Base, support and structure of pallets
  • Chamfer available
  • Standard Lumber: Pallets, boxes, cable drums and packaging material