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Construction Lumber

Radiata Pine lumber is obtained from the central portion of logs. Products can be green or kiln-dried. Available in a wide range of dimensions. It is known for its dimensional consistency and its low level of deformation and warping. Suitable for temporary use in construction.

For availability in your area, call 800-261-4890 and follow the prompts for Import Sales.


  • • Wide range of dimensions
  • • Moisture Content: Green (average 40%) or kiln-dried (average 12%, max. 19%)
  • • Sourced from certified and sustainable plantation grown pine
  • • Blue stain levels are restricted
  • • Pith and Knots are permitted, if they do not compromise the integrity of the piece
  • • Pencil wane accepted occasionally
  • • Good retention of nails and screws
  • • Uniform dimensions and precise cuts



  • Temporary use in construction
  • Scaffolding and ladders
  • Concrete forming