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Duraflake Fire-Rated Particleboard

Duraflake Fire-Rated particleboard is a UL approved Class A/Class 1 fire-rated composite panel. This product is ideal for use in safety code and architectural specified projects such as schools, hospitals, malls, airports, offices and public buildings.
Panels are retardant throughout, stay classified after cutting and have a wide range of sizes available.

Usage Notes: Some laminates applied to DURAFLAKE® FR or VESTA FR particleboard may change the flame spread rating. Standard available woodworking glues have been successfully used in lamination. However, some adhesives may have compatibility problems with the chemical system used to manufacture DURAFLAKE® FR or VESTA FR particleboard. Any adhesive should be tested for compatibility with the chemical system in DURAFLAKE® FR or VESTA FR particleboard prior to full-scale gluing. Questions should be directed to the glue supplier. When using DURAFLAKE® FR or VESTA FR particleboard in wall systems, an integral vapor barrier must be a properly installed component of the wall in any of the following conditions: the wall has an exterior side and the wall separates spaces conditioned unequally. Joints between panels to be designed to accommodate movement of up to .40 percent. Splined or articulated joints for reveals per AWI Section 500, 500A-G-4 “Joints and Transitions” or similar is suggested. Wood veneers and other laminates should be tested for compatibility with DURAFLAKE® FR or VESTA FR particleboard prior to use. Some wood veneers, laminates, and other types of products may have reactions to surface coatings and finishes, glues, pressing temperatures, moisture, contaminates, the chemical systems used to manufacture FR particleboard products, the failure to use UV inhibitors, or due to other causes. Reactions may include discoloration to veneer or laminate. ARAUCO is not responsible for discoloration or for claims associated with discoloration. Please contact your ARAUCO sales representative for more information.


Produced in Albany, OR, Duraflake Fire-Rated panels are ideal for elevators, doors, panel dividers and commercial applications.

• 100% recycled/Recovered wood content.
• Available raw or Prism TFL finished.
• Also available on VESTA low emitting technology.
• Predominantly produce with Douglas fir.
• Panel thickness ranges from 3/8” to 1 3/4.
• Produced on 4ft wide press for maximum length flexibility.