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Kalahari Resorts and Conventions - Guest Suites - Round Rock, TX

Published on  2021-08-12

KALAHARI RESORTS are authentically African-themed, and the Round Rock, TX, resort features a one-of-a-kind modern African design with a local Texas spirit. The resorts were inspired by a Nelson family trip to Africa more than 20 years ago, when the family traveled to South Africa, Ghana and Tanzania to hand-select 1,000 pieces of African art, sculpture, furniture and retail items for the Round Rock resort. This $600,000 art investment is part of an ongoing brand commitment to the people, places and cultures that inspire the resorts.

The resort proudly uses PRISM TFL WF397 Stromboli on the nightstands, counters, vanities and desk furniture. This design, inspired from natural banana fiber veneers, complements the authenticity of the resort’s décor.

Location: Round Rock, TX

Owner: Kalahari Resorts & Conventions

In Collaboration With: Adam Fisk, Marketing Director and the resort's Design Team

Awarded Fabricator - Guests Suites: Hardwood Solutions LLC, Wilmot OH. Brian Kyle

Material  sourced by: ARAUCO’s PRISM Premier TFL Distributor - Distribution Services Inc, in OH.


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