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Entourage-sur-le-Lac Hotel Resort - Part 2

Published on  2020-11-24

The Entourage-sur-le-Lac hotel and resort is situated only 30 minutes north of Québec City, in the ski town of Lac-Beauport. It is nestled in beautiful, serene surroundings between a charming lake and a ski mountain. The team at Camdi Design selected high quality finishes and materials to create and convey a sophisticated decor and atmosphere, including designs from the exclusive Prism TFL Collection.

They carefully selected Prism TFL WF204 Baroque for the kitchen, kitchen island, and backwall for guest rooms, as well as the ballroom doors. They chose WF301 Noce Vettore for the children's playroom and the public restrooms.

Owner: Lac-Beauport Corporation
Interior Design: Camdi Design


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