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Fibrex HDF Pegboard

Fibrex HDF pegboard is a perforated, thin MDF panel used for retail display and fixtures, organization, gaming and hobbies. The board is punched with a die stamp for precision hole spacing and smooth, less fibrous holes compared to perforations created with a drill press. Holes are evenly spaced, with options for 1" x 1" or 1/2" x 1" patterns.

Fibrex pegboard is easy to cut and mount. It provides an economical and sturdy backboard for a classic organizational system. Hanging hardware is readily available from home improvement and hobby retailers, making it easy to arrange tools or kitchen utensils, and create other types of displays with reconfigurable hooks.

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Fibrex HDF pegboard is a uniformly perforated thin MDF panel that is ideal for storage, organization, retail and gaming and hobby applications.

  • Lightweight, consistent panel is easy to coat and router cut
  • Raw or pre-finished with a white paint coating
  • Pegging 1" OC standard
  • 1/2" OC x 1" pegging available as an option
  • Standard panel size: 5.5mm x 48" x 96" 
  • Produced in St. Stephen, NB
  • 100% recycled and/or recovered wood