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Fibrex Markerboard
FIBREX Markerboard is an ideal whiteboard for many classroom, business and commercial purposes, providing a high-quality writing surface for conventional dry-erase markers. The surface cleans easily with conventional dry erasers or with any soft, lint-free wipe. This versatile panel offers a specially formulated, low-gloss, white paint finish on a durable, machinable Fibrex substrate.


Fibrex Markerboard, produced in St. Stephen, NB, is an ideal writing surface for classrooms, training centers, message boards, menu boards, store displays, gaming, lap boards and more.

• Excellent machinability - route to desired shape

• Lightweight, easy to attach or hang

• Writes with conventional dry erase markers

• Wipes clean easily

• Standard thickness: 3mm and 5.5mm

• Standard lengths, in inches: 48x96 / 49x97 / 61x97 / 61x109

• Made with 100% recycled and/or recovered wood fiber

• Low-emitting VESTA ULEF options available

• For non-structural, interior use